Watch Spotlight Model 455 Classic Chronograph By RGM

America is a special place for RGM, like no other country on earth. As a result, the swiss watch designs created here are unique and instantly recognizable as American. “Even though we are Swiss Made, our customers are really responsive to the fact that I live in Fort Lauderdale, and that our designs are created here,” says Pascal Savoy, president, Savoy Watches. “Our watches are influenced by and reflective of the American culture in that they are bold and for people who are willing to think differently and express themselves. Miami is a vibrant city and a melting pot of so many different cultures and customs while remaining truly American.

The tagline for our ads is ‘Independent, Distinctive, Non-traditional,’ we feel that that is what America is all about.” A company like RGM gets a lot of ideas and inspiration from America’s great watchmaking past, according to Roland Murphy, owner, RGM Watches. “You can see that in the movements we make, like the click on the 801, or the bridge design, and the caliber 20’s Motor Barrel system just to name a few. Also, the finishing techniques we use like the big polished dish in the winding wheels.” Hamilton is one of the earliest American brands and the brand’s American heritage continues to inspire its designs even now, when the company’s headquarters are in Bienne, Switzerland. “The American Spirit is the daring, the exuberance, the willingness to try,” says Sylvain Dolla, president, Hamilton Worldwide. “We always keep this in mind in whatever we do. Our new campaign is ‘One Story, One Dream,’ playing on the American dream, which still appeals to a lot of people, and is part of our DNA. There is an energy and an emotion that you can only get in the US.”

The 455 models are inspired by the best classic chronographs from the 1940's with their technical and functional dials. The hand styles are also matched to the dials and made from vintage tooling from the period.

The use of the Tachymeter and Telemeter scales are hallmarks of the 1940's chronographs, beautiful yet functional.  I have always loved restoring old chronographs from this period, the variations were very plentiful back then.

Another thing is the cross over of scales and numbers into different zones, some do not like this but I always did.  It is where function is put before the look, or aesthetic of the dial.