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Icons in Time — A Look at the Hermes Kelly Watch

Hermes Kelly Watches

The history of the now-famed Kelly bag — and subsequent Kelly Watch — is a storied one that spans more than half a century. Marked by the signature padlock design, the Kelly has stolen hearts around the world.

Hermes, founded in 1837 in Paris as a purveyor of fine saddles and harnesses, quickly gained a strong reputation for its unparalleled artistry and perfection. When the equestrian mode of transportation gave way to the motorcar, Hermes adapted, creating trunks, gloves, handbags, scarves and other motorities for the well-to-do Parisians in cars.

Unique Watches---Minimalist Analog Watch with just two hands design

Within this modern era of cell phones along with other cellular products, nobody stops you on the street requesting time any more. The quiet gesture of mentioning to some wrist and searching time appears almost extinct. Although, many happen to be announcing the comeback of the traditional watch, we're certain that the main one we're featuring here will end up popular for that sheer quirkiness and weird simplicity.