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Seiko is broadly known not only for their innovations but also for their commitment to sustainability. For this day, they continue to find ways to lower the usage of watch batteries since these can cause a great deal of environmental injury. Case in point: the Seiko Astron and the Seiko Kinetic watches, that do not require changing batteries at all, are among the newest iconic versions. In the following guide, we will shine the spotlight on Seiko Kinetic Watches.

Mechanical Watches---Swatch Sistem51 Mechanical Watch

I've got a soft place for mechanical watches, and that's why the so-known as Sistem51 (Piece of fabric calls it the shouty SISTEM51) is really near and dear to me. It's, in a nutshell, probably the most interesting developments in mass-market micro mechanics because the invention from the quarta movement Timex. It's a mixture of awesome high-tech and absurd, Tamagotchi-like old tech, and it is interesting it hasn’t been covered more.

Mechanical Watches---Seiko Mechanical Automatic Watch

A mechanical watch is powered exclusively with a mainspring, without needing electric power. Inside a hand-wound mechanical watch, the movement's mainspring is wound by winding the crown. The mainspring of the self-winding mechanical watch is wound through the movement of the arm which it's worn and stores energy.

Seiko Mechanical Automatic Watch