Jump Hour Watches---Audemars Piguet Jumping Hour Minute Repeater

Jump hour or Jumphour watches also reffered to as Direct Read, Wandering Minute or Digital would be the first mechanical watches showing time directly with numbers. The first good examples were created within the XIXth century as pocket watches beginning having a one-off piece by Blondeau for that French King Louis-Philippe d'Orléans in 1830. Semi-mass production started when Frederick Pallweber invented his first pocket watch with number display - jumping hours as well as minutes.  

We obtain accustomed to searching sometimes on the watch within the typical way - with hour-hands, minute hands and seconds - that typically we forget you will find other available choices available.  Our favorite “different” watches may be the jump hour watch. We like this because of the super elegant and intriguingly different look of the dial - as well as the genius of the watch-making industry which goes into getting someone to fruition.

Jump hour watches derive their title using their design-where the hour indication is within a digit format displayed with an aperture (most frequently at 12:00). Every hour the digit readout changes instantly - supplying an aesthetically exciting “event” that's great to watch. The jump hour is certainly a watch catcher.

Generally, the jump hour indication works using a complex rotating disk system inside a complicated movement usually composed of countless hundred components. A hard task to construct, jump hours usually take added time for you to assemble - with a few needing a few days price of a watchmaker’s attention. 

Due to craftsmanship involved and also the time-consuming character of those watches, no more than twelve approximately top the watch-making industry brands create them in their regular collections. Some brands exceed the standard scope of jump hours, adding other complications for example tourbillons or minute repeaters, or going after ever-more unusual readouts for his or her watches.

Here introduce Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Jumping Hour Minute Repeater, Jules Audemars Hand-wound Minute Repeater in platinum, the material is glare-proofed sapphire crystal and caseback, the silver Spirale decorative pattern in the center with blued steel applied Arabic numerals and hands. The bracelet is hand-stitched large square scale crocodile with Platinum AP folding clasp. 

The caliber is 2907 with 72 hour power reserve. Jumping hours forward and backwards correction through crown. Sequences of the hours- quarters- and minutes strikes are operated by a lever on the left side of the watch. Manual finishing is on both bridges and mainplate. Manual finishing of the cut-out parts (polished bevels, grained finishing on top and matte brouillé finishing underneath). This watch is not water resistant.