Gift Watches---IWC Big Pilot's Watch for Father's Day

With Father’s Day arriving only a week, we thought we’d revisit a mature duo from IWC’s current line-up for individuals searching for a appropriate gift, whether on their own or their fathers. Introduced this year, the Pilot’s Watches for Father and Boy includes two different but matching watches. Don't let yourself be mistaken though, this set of watches are just available out of the box. Past the initial two of matching watches, you can buy additional watches Son's watches, with personalized engraving on every timepiece’s case back, for fathers with multiple children.


The bigger watch of the two is basically IWC Big Pilot’s Watch (S$25,000), the adjective here unquestionably mentioning to the massive 46mm stainless steel case. The impressive proportions here call in your thoughts the initial reason for pilot watches to supply accurate and, equally importantly, legible timekeeping for that pilots of yore.

Legibility isn’t the only real advantage the big case offers, because the automatic Calibre 51111 movement in it arrives with a lengthy power reserve of seven days. Even though the mainspring really comes with an a lot longer power reserve, IWC has designed the movement to prevent after 168 hours to keep precision, lest a virtually depleted mainspring supplies inadequate torque they are driving the movement precisely.


Despite its title, the “son’s” watch is much more than appropriate for ladies given its modest 39mm case (S$7,200). The keen observer will notice its resemblance of the Pilot’s Watch Mark XVI, and even the 2 are virtually identical. IWC’s decision to not make use of the more recent Pilot’s Watch Mark XVII for that “son’s” watch is praiseworthy - within an era if we are enticed to chase following the latest and finest, the usage of the “older” Mark XVI will work better since it's date window perfectly complements that of the Big Pilot’s Watch.


Aside from the overall adherence towards the B-Uhr watch design given IWC’s good reputation for manufacturing them, the two watches also provide similar engineering particulars that echo this heritage. The sapphire crystal of every watch is guaranteed against displacement, lest a stop by low pressure causes it to come out. The watch cases are also fitted with soft-iron inner cases to safeguard their movements against magnetism.


Obviously, the 60m water resistance is really a given. In the nearly identical features and functions as well as their unshakable visual commonalities, it is simple to draw parallels having a guy (or lady) who’s a nick from the old block. An appropriate gift for Father’s Day, without doubt, however a purchase such as this isn't any frivolous matter, so some thought is clearly needed. You’d better hurry though, because the clock’s ticking.