Gift Watches

On the Wrist: Glashütte Original Lady Serenade Watch

With the new Lady Serenade models, Glashütte Original develops the play of opposites: light and dark, matte and polished surfaces, clean lines and playful details.

Crafted by the manufactory's own dial-makers in Pforzheim, the deep black dials are enhanced with a sun-burst decoration and then coated in a galvanic bath. They are framed by finely worked 36 mm cases in stainless steel or warm rose gold.

Limited Edition Watch Series:Perrelet Turbine Poker & 007 Watch

These two limited edition Perrelet watches go together right? Sure they do, gambling and 007? I am going to be careful and not mention James Bond. Perrelet doesn't mention James Bond and I don't think they licensed the right to use that IP franchise. Though apparently "007" was OK to use. The imagery they use however when discussing the Turbine 007 Swiss Designer Watches Online on the new Turbine micro-site is strongly evocative of the James Bond theme - without outright saying so.

Presenting The New, Comfortable And Perfectly Designed Bert Buijsrogge Pinion Pure Collection

In general I can say that these awesome Pinion watches have a very high standard when it comes to finishing of the case, dial, hour markers, hands etc. It needs to be seen in the flesh though, perhaps even tried on and observed with a loupe to recognize and adore the craftsmanship in Pinion watches. Something not everyone is willing to do, acknowledged, but once you do take the time and effort, you will see how perfect the dial and hands are for example.

Take A Look At The Chinese Style, Traditional Arnold & Son Metiers d’Art Dragon UTTE

Dating back to 1764, John Arnold began the Arnold and Son dynasty in London, where he designed watches for wealthy clientele including royalty. His success skyrocketed after Arnold presented the smallest repeating watch ever made to King George III. With his patents for a detent escapement, bimetallic balance and helical balance spring, Arnold was one of the most inventive watchmakers of his day. Today, both the Royal collection and Instrument collection tell a story reflecting the brand’s legacy of opulent artistry and innovation.